Spring Cleaning


Doing some cleaning over on my work site. I’ve decided to move some of the Gear Lab posts over to here, because I wanted my work site to be more clean and make it more professional. More tweaks and adjustments to be done there. I hope to be able to post more new stuff soonest. Thanks for visiting; come back for updates.

Doing Over


It just had to happen. Due to changes in my schedule and responsibilities I will be forfeiting the drawing a day for 365 days challenge I tasked myself with. I won’t be able to sustain doing it with the erratic schedule I have now.

It was my first attempt at doing a challenge and I failed, but I’m glad that I did it. It’s something that helped push me to produce something without waiting for inspiration to hit me over the head.

It’s a do over. I’m going to have to check how to approach doing this now; with the complications I have. Maybe doing it in a smaller time frame or a smaller number of drawings per month? I’ll see what I can settle on.



Currently making changes my work site at the moment, so if you notice constant changes in the look or content, that’s me exploring the layout and tweaking the site. I hope you guys like it once it’s done.

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