Welcome friends to the ChronicleGear blog — an extension of my work site. Thank you for visiting.
I’m Ferdie Ramos a.k.a. Gravitydog – I’m a freelance illustrator and designer. I’m passionate about Illustrating and Designing stuff;  playing / GMing Tabletop RPGs, and playing MMOs and other things. This blog is a place where I get to share these explorations and journeys with you.

For more information about what I do, head on over to my work site, here.

Where it all began

Chroniclegear started out as a blog to record my RPG adventures which then existed in various incarnations, while also trying to use and learn a cms. Anyway, life happened, priorities changed and I wasn’t able to continue it so I shuttered it for a long while, until finally it now collects my works and a repository for my journeys and interesting things. The name as defined hasn’t changed much, it will continue to record – chronicle and adapt to my work, journeys and explorations.

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